June 2020

Corrected two typing mistakes on the backflap of the book (‛methodology’ and ’employment’).
Added web chat (
(…) Various unlisted changes since 7 Dec 2018, mainly additions to news/debate pages.

7 Dec 2018

Interview met Dieke Koster over boek ‘Distribute Power’.
Interview with DIeke Koster about book ‘Distribute Power’. (translation)

2 Dec 2018:

Message to Socialist Action in Canada.
Bericht aan Socialistische Actie in Canada.

21 Nov 2018:

Recent postings:

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The Revolution, action-plan, ideals, and the consequences of a lack thereof (news page)
De Revolutie, idealen, actieplan, en de gevolgen van gebrek hieraan (NL, nieuws pagina)
Additions to wikipedia “talk” page (Debate page)
Nuclear war (Debate page)

Changelog & new website. Added this Changelog to facilitate people wanting to know what changed, as part of the new website and hosting using WordPress software, taking over from the previous Changelog at the old website which is still available under the “More” menu tag, at:

The new website was made to make things look better, some news pages (English & Dutch), a Debating page and a forum are new functionalities (none of which have been used as of yet by visitors). The ideas presented on this website remain unknown, either not agreed to or not comprehended. This is of course no surprise in a decadent society with a temporary glut of luxury to enjoy. I am planning to make better propaganda movies in modern format, for which I have the equipment, but still want to learn more about Blender, because the video will likely need to do some animated modeling to illustrate concepts. I already made some propaganda about a particular case of abuse of laborers this year (not relating to the topics of this website,) which (funny enough) almost made it to national television (VPRO). Although I still expect nothing from even the best propaganda in the current political context, because the control is with the super rich and the criminal who have no interest in the truth, it can speed things up once the population starts to hurt generally, standing on the ruins of the usual crude ideologies. (Jos)