Author and its derivative pages are the personal website of Jos Boersema, Dutch citizen since birth in 1974, Groningen. Went to school in Groningen (Vrije School mostly), graduated V.W.O. (which grants access to an academic study, but didn’t complete any due to circumstances). Self studied in computer programming (mostly C), produced sede – secure democracy, produced the book ‘Distribute Power,‘ enjoys gardening on the allotment.

e-mail: (It is so much better to ask it on some public forum where others can benefit from your question and perhaps answers from others, unless it is not related to what is on this website.)

The old address on joshb {ät} xs4all·nl also still works, but may end if it becomes possible to go to the new Internet Service Provider ‘‘. This whole affair with KPN and XS4ALL is a nice illustration of having a badly informed economic system.

But now for the important part…

favorite computer stuff

Operating system: GNU/Linux, Debian … vim (bingo), C (elegant), zsh (perfect), i3 (finally an X interface that can be made entirely black, no window title bloat no status bar, no nothing: nice), slrn (funny how no graphics program can beat this), gimp (of course), blender (wowwww…. uffff lol) …
PC hardware: besides generic stuff, the cute Raspberry Pi 4B (4 GB) as a 2nd PC; works great !
Keyboard: Minivan 40% (keymap).

Here is my inspiring desktop. Made it myself ! Feel free to use it too. ^^