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Local forum

A locally hosted forum is here: . The danger with this sort of forum is that the owner has full control over it, which often means that there is censorship and slanted moderation taking place. A problem is that the owner will have to finance the availability of the postings made if it becomes a large volume, which does not help with the forum as such remaining neutral, especially when distortions are suspected by the opposing camp such as fabricating many user names. One may end up having to finance opposing propaganda. Once that starts costing money, motivation to do so will likely drop.

Fortunately on this website there is not much fear from the opposing camps their arguments, or for loosing people their attention if they see many disagreements, because if people can be swayed by the amount of postings they see against what is right, they do not belong in a democratic State.

Articles / replies

On gets (typically) posted what seems to be the better replies or articles, below which you could write something and/or reply to others who have done so. Please strike a polite tone, or risk moderation.


Perhaps a better more neutral place to debate is on Usenet, where nobody is in control, least of all the owner of this website. For instance in the alt.politics hierarchy, specifically alt.politics.socialism. To access Usenet you will need a newsreader, or find a Web to Usenet gateway. I personally prefer Usenet, but you are welcome to use the local forum if unmoderated Usenet is too rough. The local forum will be moderated as far as a civil way of addressing others is concerned, not regarding content; see the rules section there.

The group “nl.politiek” is more or less ruined by trolls, to such an extend there are virtually no normal people there. If anyone wishes to debate there however (in Dutch of course), please let me know about it.


Forum (American based, which means large amounts of people enthralled by American propaganda).

Forum … ? Let me know about a useful propaganda platform, so that I can list it here and perhaps participate on it.