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Distribute Power (book)

The book received positive reactions, which will still have to be recorded here.

Sede – secure democracy (software for GNU/Linux)

  • The computer program sede – secure democracy, was positively published about in Linux Magazine oktober 2003 (Brave GNU World), and was chosen above its competitor RIES by Dutch political party D66 to become the internal voting system for D66 for its flexibility and availability of the source code. Due to problems not related to the software (governing body of D66 did not carry out the decision of the supreme Congress of D66), progress seems to have halted.
  • GNU put sede up as being its democracy program once a maintainer / code developer was found. Progress seems to be halted, there is no maintainer for the software currently.

Visitor Reactions

It seems interesting to make two documents that people can put their comments on, one being the positive reactions, the other being the negative, and even a third for neutral or mixed reactions. That way people can quickly find out what others have agreed or disagreed with. (This is an experiment, thank you for your understanding.)


In short: If you are honest and decent, regardless of your opinions, you likely will not need to read this page. The rules are the same as on the forum, see here




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This page is a set of articles, perhaps written as replies in other discussions on the Internet, to which you (the visitor on this page) can reply and perhaps debate in the comment section.

See also the forum:

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